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The Brighton Streets Story

Brighton Streets was created 2 years ago, an Instagram account capturing the unique and wonderful streets around Brighton and Hove. In the past few months the account has focused on capturing the cities journey through the Covid-19 pandemic, as you can imagine the streets have been unusually eerie - not the Brighton vibe we are familiar with.

Whether you're a nostalgic past student, a local resident, a tourist or just curious, you can see the city through my eyes here. I want my photos to spark memories for those who have a connection with the array of streets and at the same time introduce newcomers to my favourite city. 

I have created this website to share my photography and give you lovely people the opportunity to decorate your homes with prints that will truly evoke nostalgia, happiness and positive Brighton vibes.

Share my love for street art, sunsets, colours, architecture, quirky characters, independent businesses and a city where everyone is welcome. 

Charlotte x 

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